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You just installed EasyTomato – you’re not alone!  Many people, businesses, and organizations using EasyTomato., but we need you help to spread this technology for better Internet.

To add your site to the map, enter information about your site or a site in which you installed EasyTomato.  And don’t worry, your data belongs to you.  If you ever want your site removed from, just email us and we’ll remove it.

EasyTomato Install Site

If you've installed an EasyTomato router at a school, hospital or clinic, or nonprofit we'd love to hear your story.
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  • Briefly tell us about your computer setup, importance of the internet to your site, and the networking issues it faced.
  • Give us a short description of your site and the services it provides.
  • How many computers and other devices are on your network?
  • How many patients, students, employees and other people does your network serve?
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